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I'm experiencing knee pain.

Pain in the knee is the commonest symptom and can be for a variety of reasons. This depends on your age, BMI, levels of activity and can affect any part of the knee.If you are young sportsperson, this could be due to inflammation in the tendons or ligaments around the knee, cartilage injury, or perhaps misalignment. These are usually dealt with depending on the exact problem, from "conservative management" to "key-hole / arthroscopic surgery" .If you are more mature and have had ongoing or worsening pain, this could be due to arthritis. There are multiple different treatments available starting from "conservative management" all the way to "joint replacement" or "Limb re-alignment".

I've injured my knee.

Knee injuries can affect all ages. Structures that are commonly injured are the meniscal cartilage, the ligaments such as the ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament), the joint articular cartilage, the tendons (Quads and patellar tendons) and sometimes the knee cap (patella).The treatments depend again on the type of tissue and extent of injury. Ranging from "conservative management", "key-hole / arthroscopic surgery", "Meniscal repair" to "ACL reconstruction".

My knee is locking and giving way.

This usually happens with or without injuring the knee. And is caused by a torn meniscus or ACL ligament, and sometimes due to a loose body floating in the knee. This is usually dealt with by key-hole / arthroscopic surgery", "Meniscal repair" to "ACL reconstruction".

I have knee pain and/or swelling.

This can be due to a number of causes. A thorough assessment is required to work out exactly what is causing this and once a diagnosis is reached, we can address the root of the problem.

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My knee cap is dislocating and/or feeling feeling unstable.

This is a condition where the knee cap (patella) either completely dislocates, which can be very painful and disconcerting, or partially dislocates. This is a complex problem, which requires a thorough assessment to work out exactly why the knee cap is dislocating and in order to perform the correct type of surgery.This can be dealt with by "MPFL reconstruction" and/or "Tibial tubercle transfer" and sometimes more uncommon procedures like "Trochleoplasty".

My knee replacement is painful.

If you've had a knee replacement operation in the past and your knee replacement has become painful, this could be due to a number of reasons. This involves a thorough assessment of the problem before making any decisions on treatment.If it has become loose, you may require a "Revision total knee replacement".

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